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A Luminous Festivus for the Autumn Equinox, Sept. 22

28 Aug

Tacoma’s 1st annual Lumins Celebratory Festival of Lights commences with the harvest moon, Autumn Equinox, September 22, in tandem with the Broadway Center‘s 2nd annual Fall Free for All, a full-weekend celebration of the arts in downtown Tacoma!

We can’t think of anything more gorgeous, under a fat, orange harvest moon, than a human procession carrying flickering luminaria lanterns through downtown to congregate inside the Pantages Theater for the finale of a most special, art-filled day. And everyone’s invited to participate! We got the lowdown on this awesome event from event organizer Adam Martin, founder of www.tacomasoutsidersguide.com, a new alternative guide to what’s worth seeing/doing/experiencing in T-town.

Martin, a poet/seer on behalf of Tacoma, has declared a “Celebratory Festivus of Life in the Sound,” and says that in 2012, “the stage is set for our community to send a simple, elegant signal to our neighbors throughout the South Sound – and indeed to the world.

“Our community is rich in its own way, and embodies with abandon the deep appreciation of individuality and the peculiar and original kind of light shining in each of us.” After being inspired and enchanted three years ago by Olympia’s Luminary Procession (click the link to see some amazing lanterns), he came up with the idea of a light festival here. “Expressing [it] to Aaron Stevens of Broadway Center, he encouraged me to pursue the idea, and to incorporate it into Broadway Center’s 2nd annual Fall Free for All.  So the stage is literally set to be lit up…” The Fall Free for All is, of course, the stellar downtown event offering Tacoma a full weekend’s lineup of fabulous entertainment, arts and eats, with all (except the eats) free of charge.

TacomasOutsiders.com will be hosting several lantern-making parties up until the equinox event, and everyone is invited. Martin is currently seeking contributions of materials (see below): “Donations keep coming in and we should have enough to get going, and keep going. The goal is to surprise Free-for-All goers unawares that evening, light up Broadway with an elegance and height of spirit this town may not recently have experienced, and engulf them in the light that represents that of our extended community as a whole.” You can also sponsor the making of a lantern. For more information, click here, check out the party on Facebook., or contact Martin at 206.409.7700 or adamintacoma@gmail.com. Continue reading

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