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The Sinister and the Surreal at Fulcrum Gallery

17 May

“Nightwatchman”, installation by Sharon Styer.
“Visions from the Other Side
“, a group show.
Opening reception: Thursday, May 17, 6-9 pm.

Photo by Sharon Styer.

Two new exhibits at the Fulcrum Gallery explore altered states of perception: the first is grounded in minutely observed reality, the other in the fork-prodded folds of the subconscious. “Nightwatchman” is an installation of photographs by Sharon Styer that almost voyeuristically illumines dark corners of Tacoma that are all but invisible by day. In this project funded by a Tacoma Artists Initiative Program grant, Styer’s lens isolates dimly lit alleyways, secluded shops and decrepit structures where senses are tightly stretched to catch a movement, a sound, a momentary hesitation. In this unsettling quiet one is never quite alone. It is the alternate world of security cameras and the nightwatchman.

“Night has a huge influence on every location,” says Styer. “Shadows and a feeling of isolation can creep upon me quickly [while shooting]. Suddenly I’ll need to know just how far I am from my car.” This feeling is transmitted directly to the viewer through her photographs. Styer is an award-winning photographer who was recently nominated for the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s “Foundation of Art Award”.

Art from “Visions from the Other Side”. Photo courtesy of Fulcrum Gallery.

The group show opening at Fulcrum, “Visions from the Other Side (Surrealistic Portraits)”, features two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks sprung from the vat of the creative unconscious. This collection of anthropomorphic portraits done in the classical style blurs the lines of reason. These surrealistic visions evoke an imaginary world where animal, vegetable, mineral make friends and converse as if neighbors discussing the weather. Nothing is left unexplored and anything is to be expected. Artists Larkin Cypher, Kelsi Finney, Jeremy Gregory and Keith Carter conjure up their individual characters in this unique parade of imagery. “Nightwatchman” and “Visions from the Other Side” on view May 17-July 14, 2012. Fulcrum Gallery, 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Tacoma. Hours: Fri. & Sat. 12-6 pm. www.fulcrumtacoma.com

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