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2017 Tacoma Studio Tour Preview: Part 6

13 Sep

This is part 6 in our series highlighting the artists participating in the Tacoma Studio Tour this October.

What: Tacoma Studio Tour
Where: 42 studio locations around Tacoma
When: October 14 & 15, 11 am – 5 pm
Cost: FREE!

You are invited inside the working studios of 70 local artists to learn about the artistic process, ask questions, and purchase one-of-a-kind creations. Plus, you can even win some fabulous items hand-crafted by a selection of artists on the tour just for getting your Studio Tour Passport stamped at each studio address you visit. All studios will feature demonstrations or will have hands-on activities for visitors. It’s family friendly and free!

Check out TacomaArtsMonth.com for the full list of artists, schedule, your Tacoma Studio Tour Passport, and an interactive map where you can plot your own custom tour course.

Here are this week’s highlights:

Kyle Dillehay
Kyle Dillehay finds alternative historical processes and the objects they produce totally seductive. They have aura, they make him think of alchemy and how it influences the often unpredictable results in image making. He has a renewed interest in tactile, permanent stuff in the face of ephemeral digital culture. Alternative processes reignite some of the magic of photographic objects that the massive volume of digital imagery can cause us to forget.

Karen Perrine, Karen Perrine Art
Karen Perrine is an award-winning artist in multiple media. She rediscovered marbling about four years ago, and aims to combine this ancient technique with modern materials and design sense to produce papers and products for today. She sells sheets of paper, as well as paper-enhanced frames, mirrors, bookmarks, cards, and matted images ready to frame. Each sheet is hand decorated and unique.

David Bader
David Bader is a lifelong resident of Tacoma and an art educator. He believes a vibrant arts community is essential to our city, and feels that it is vital to support the visual arts, theater, and dance.

Grace Amundsen, Squishy Wizard
Grace Amundsen is making geek wedding and home decor dreams a reality. Motivated and inspired by a passion for space, dinosaurs, and classic science fiction, her current work experiments with creative uses of acrylic, whether opaque acrylic used for the silhouettes in her unique cake toppers or translucent acrylic used like a more durable and flexible stained glass.

Alice Di Certo
As an artist Alice Di Certo is interested in photography, jewelry, and sculpture. Through art she explores social and environmental issues as well as her personal view of beauty. In jewelry she experiments with different techniques and materials including natural objects and spices instead of traditional gems. During the studio tour she will show her jewelry and photographs.

Lois Yoshida
Lois Yoshida is intrigued and challenged by the process and beauty of sumi painting which seeks to capture the essence or spirit of a subject in as few spontaneous brush strokes as possible. The challenges of Asian brush calligraphy provide her the opportunity to explore her fascination with brushwork. Well-lit studio space in the Merlino Art Center building stimulates and encourages creative freedom with these endeavors.

Snow Winters, SLWSstudio
Snow Winters’ background has ranged from computer animation to ceramics, with a focus on design for the home. She is always looking for a new tool or technique that she can learn, often taking her pieces in that direction. Experimenting and new work are her driving forces.

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Tacoma Studio Tour Passport – Visit and Win!

Make sure to have your Studio Tour Passport stamped at each studio address you visit. Once you’ve collected at least 8 stamps, send us the passport and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of several fabulous prize packages containing artwork hand-crafted by a selection of artists on this tour including:

Grace Amundsen – Acrylic ornaments 
Terry Bader – Small watercolor painting 
Joe Becker – Set of notecards 
Carolyn Burt – Small scratchboard artwork 
Bill Colby – Small framed woodcut 
Kris Crews – Mini photo cards 
Ann Darling – Textile piece 
Katie Dean – Collection of greeting cards and a small print 
Alice Di Certo – Pair of earrings 
Kyle Dillehay – Alternative-process photograph 
Michaela Eaves – Greeting cards 
Lynne Farren – Painting, cards, bracelet 
Becky Frehse – Small framed painting 
Deborah Greenwood – Handmade cards 
Henry Haneda – Small color print 
Hilltop Artists – Glass beads, glass marbles, small blown glass pieces 
Han-Yin Hsu – 3D printed nylon earrings 
Mark Hudak – Pottery bowl 
Marie Jensen – An 8 x 10 print 
Fumiko Kimura – Greeting cards 
Juan La Torre – Thank you cards 
Roberta Lowes – Cards or small scarf 
Dorothy McCuistion – Small handmade book 
John McCuistion – Set of 4 coaster tiles 
Naarah McDonald – Upcycled fingerless sweater gloves, small tote bag, reversible apron 
Dane Meyer – Small framed print 
Roxann Murray – Save the Bees sticker 
Chandler O’Leary – Tacoma temporary tattoos & Tacoma coloring cards 
Sylvia Omero-Rogstad – Set of cards 
Reid Ozaki – Vase 
Karen Perrine – Set of marbled paper collage cards 
Liz Pulos – Small tapestry 
Claudia Riedener – 5 small handmade tiles
Mauricio Robalino – Small wall hanging mosaic
Penny Russell – Set of 4 Blooming Wine Glasses
Jessica Spring – Small book or print
Susan Thompson – Mug
Lorraine Toler – Signed print
Helen Tran – Washington shaped soap bar and greeting card
Audrey Tulimiero Welch – Small painting on paper
William Turner – Set of 5 art cards
Karen Utter – Handmade book
Elayne Vogel – Pair of earrings
Jeff Libby & Adrienne Wicks – Pair of reclaimed wood and steel book ends
Snow Winters – Small cross stitch lamp
Yoshiko Yamamoto – 2018 calendar
Lois Yoshida – Box of hand painted cards

One entry per person. The Tacoma Studio Tour Passport can be found in the Tacoma Studio Tour brochure (available at all studio locations during the tour and at many cultural institutions ahead of time) or download and print your own Tacoma Studio Tour Passport.

Tacoma Arts Month Sponsors

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