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Tacoma Creates Pre-Application Survey Now Available

17 Apr

Tacoma Creates Pre-Application Survey

About this Survey
Tacoma-based arts, culture, heritage, and science organizations that provide public programming in Tacoma are invited to complete the Tacoma Creates Pre-Application Survey. This survey is intended to help the City of Tacoma’s Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality understand the field of organizations who may be eligible to apply for Tacoma Creates funding. It will also help us plan appropriate Tacoma Creates funding programs and capacity building opportunities.

Fill out the Survey
The survey is available online at tacomaarts.submittable.com/submit. Only one person per organization should complete this survey.

Organizations are strongly encouraged to complete this survey by Monday, May 20, 2019 in order to help build the most informed funding programs possible. Surveys will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis after this date. All organizations that intend to apply for Tacoma Creates funding will be required to complete this survey first.

Please help spread the word about this survey and share the survey link with other Tacoma-based arts, culture, heritage, and science organizations!

What is Tacoma Creates?
Tacoma Creates is a voter-approved initiative to increase access to arts, culture, heritage, and science experiences throughout Tacoma by reducing barriers to access and expanding offerings, particularly for underserved youth. Tacoma Creates was established to expand equity and access to Tacoma’s arts, culture, science and heritage programs. Examples of public benefits include:

  • Increased opportunities for children and youth through before and after school, and summer programs
  • Financial and technical support for community programs, events, and activities
  • Free and reduced-price tickets, admission, and memberships to arts, culture, heritage, and science experiences, with a focus on lower income families and public school students

Find out more about Tacoma Creates at www.cityoftacoma.org/TacomaCreates.

Tacoma Creates Eligibility
Under state law, eligibility for Tacoma Creates funding extends to any 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural organization in Tacoma, whose primary purpose is the advancement and preservation of science or technology, the visual or performing arts, zoology, botany, anthropology, heritage, or natural history. These organizations must also have at least a two-year track record of directly providing programming or experiences available to the general public. Programs and projects can be fiscally sponsored by eligible organizations.

Excluded from eligibility is any agency of the state or any of its political subdivisions; any municipal corporation; any organization that raises funds for redistribution to multiple cultural organizations; and any radio or television broadcasting network or station, cable communications system, internet-based communications venture or service, newspaper, or magazine.

Email contact@tacomacreates.com

Five New Sites Announced forTacoma Murals Project

25 May

Tacoma Murals Project: New Sites Coming Soon!

The Tacoma Mural Project began in 2010 with the aim of joining both artists and communities through the collaborative process of mural-making to combat blight and vandalism in Tacoma. Not only do the murals brighten public spaces, they also help build and affirm communal identity within the individuals that comprise each neighborhood.  In the Tacoma Murals Project, each participating community group is paired up with an artist team who creates a mural reflective of the unique personality of the community.  In this way, neighborhoods collaborate to fuse ideas to reality in a mural that embodies their past and future hopes.  And after each mural is completed, community members commit to help maintain the aesthetic cleanliness of the site.

So far the Tacoma Mural Project has transformed nine spaces and will continue its efforts by renovating five new sites with similar hopes of generating community fellowship while also creating a safer, cleaner, and more attractive city.

A team of six lead artists will be joined by eight apprentice muralists in transforming these five sites this summer. Lead artists include: Joni Joachims, Rachael Dotson, Jeremy Gregory, Chris Jordan, Kenji Stoll, and Chris Sharp. Apprentice artists include: Liza A. Brown, Kate Cendejas, Brian Hutcheson, David Long, Chelsea O’Sullivan, Natalie Oswald, Yvette Simone, and Janice Lee Warren.

Introducing the 2012 Mural Sites

The retaining wall of the 3200 block of East L StreetImage

 The Dometop Neighborhood Alliance aims to transform this expansive stretch of moss-covered wall area with the help of lead artists Jeremy Gregory and Rachael Dotson.  With hopes to complete the mural by August, the Dometop Neighborhood Alliance wants to “have a happy youthful looking mural to attract youth back into the area.”  The Alliance is dedicating many hours of volunteer time to help coordinate the artists’ work with the community and will help maintain the mural after completion in the hopes of creating a more attractive entrance to the neighborhood.

To learn more about the Dometop Neighborhood Alliance visit: http://tacomadometop.com/

220 Puyallup Avenue
30’ by 70’

 Property owner Larry Hosley, is teaming up with the Dome District Development Group and lead artist Chris Sharp to transform the east facing wall of this building into an innovative mural.  The concrete surface will be designed and painted to combat graffiti and “provide a spark of life with art in a commercial/industrial area,” says the Group.  The project should be completed by mid-summer and will allow for a continuing partnership between the Dome District Development Group and the property owner—each advocating for the development of Tacoma both commercially and residentially.

To learn more about the Dome District Development Group visit: http://tacomadomedistrict.com/about.php

2502 Commerce Street
20’ by 150’

The artist team of Jeremy Gregory and Rachael Dotson will lead the artistic talent on this site, combining their efforts with the property owner, Ed Davis, and the Hillside Development Council.  The Council was started over ten years ago and is hoping a mural will help give “a fresh look” in an area where “blight, vandalism, garbage, gang tagging and crime” are often present.  The mural, to cover the south wall of the Waterhouse building, will be painted in late summer, and will be visible to persons on foot, driving, and riding the Sounder train.  The extreme visibility of this site will no doubt positively impact the community while simultaneously providing a sense of pride to those who live in the surrounding area.

To learn more about the Hillside Development Council visit: http://hdctacoma.org/

5441 South Sheridan Street Image
20’ by 120’

Sir-Amicks Studio, is a family-owned fired ceramic arts studio business located in the Mann Neighborhood district of Tacoma.  Sir-Amicks is involved in various community activities and targets to create a business that allows for “re-creating and revitalizing community spirit, safety, and awareness.”  The building has been a frequent target for vandalism and the property owners are hoping that a mural will “provide community awareness, pride of ownership, and artistic insightfulness.”  The artist team of Chris Jordan and Kenji Stoll will lead the charge on the creation of a mural on the south side of this building, facing 56th Street. The mural should be completed in August.

To learn more about the Sir-Amicks Studio visit: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sir-Amicks-Studio/134088013308801

6323 McKinley Avenue

20’ by 30’

In this diverse residential area the community group, Hope Heights, aims to reduce negative activity and brighten up a spot surrounded by several bars and a convenience store with the addition of a new mural.  Lead artist Joni Joachims will guide this venture, and hopes to complete the mural on the south wall facing 64th Street by mid-summer.  The efforts to beautify the neighborhood and reduce crime through the addition of this mural have been endorsed by each home and property owner on the block, all of whom are committed to the long-term maintenance of the mural.

The completion of these five murals will create optimistic forces within each community that will welcome people from all walks of life to join in the effort to build a safe, clean, and attractive city for all residents of and visitors to Tacoma.

Stay tuned as we bring you updates on all of these murals in the coming months!

For examples of previous mural transformations, or more information about the Tacoma Murals Project please visit:  http://www.tacomaculture.org/arts/murals.asp#overview

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