The Year of the Monkey will shine again (with your help)

18 Dec

Monkey cup

If you are like most people we know, this past February was bittersweet. It marked the final year in the 12-year cycle of Tacoma’s beloved Monkeyshine Project – a community event designed to get our community out and exploring our beautiful city while celebrating Chinese New Year. The community banded together to make the final year go out with a bang. But when it was all over, we were left wondering, “What’s next?”

Well, if you haven’t heard the news already, the anonymous artists behind the Monkeyshine Project are back for round 2!

Monkeyshines began in 2003 when a group of anonymous artists in Tacoma banded together to produce glass balls and medallions emblazoned with the Year of the Monkey logo. On Chinese New Year 2004, 200 pieces of artwork were hidden throughout the city.  The artists have been creating glass gifts for 12 years, and this year, the Year of the Monkey, marks the beginning of a new cycle of the 12 year Chinese New Year calendar.

To kick off this auspicious event Monkeyshine organizers are bringing back the big daddy himself, the monkey that started it all. They’d like to FILL the city with glass gifts, and with your help they will be able hire local artists to produce over 1,000 pieces of glass.

Consider become a part of Tacoma’s history by donating to The Monkeyshine Project. For every donation of $100 or more, Monkeyshines will thank you with an exclusive 2016 Year of the Monkey candle cup. The cups are available now for pick-up at Creative Forces in the Hotel Murano, and at Sonia’s Clothes to live in, in Proctor. Any donation amount will help the artists create more gifts to distribute around the community.

Let’s help bring back this amazing community event! 

Donations are gratefully accepted through PayPal in the following ways:

Donate $100 to receive a 2016 Year of the Monkey candle cup


Donate any amount to this project

Questions? Contact


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