Chitty Chitty Bang Bang takes flight at TMP

11 Dec


Tacoma Musical Playhouse’s rendition of Ian Fleming’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a delight for all ages. I was able to attend the December 5th showing with my six-year-old in tow, and we both hummed and sang along with all of the songs. Luckily for us, everyone around us did too.

Gunnar Ray as Jeremy Potts, and Amelia Stiles as Jemima Potts showcased fantastic young talent. They had wonderful presence on-stage, and played the role of siblings well. Stephen Bucheit, as Caractacus Potts had good report with both his stage children and his on-stage love interest Truly Scrumptious, played by Allyson Jacobs-Lake.

The Baroness Bomhurst (Dana Johnson) and Baron Bomhurst (John Kelleher) played up the levity of the musical, adding just the right humor and zing for all of the adults in the audience, while having the physical comedy to make the children laugh along as well. The star of the show however, was definitely Chitty Chitty Bang Bang herself though. This fantastical car took on its own life, driving, floating, and even flying. All of the children in the audience thought that the car was actually moving (thanks to the amazing footwork of the supporting cast).

The audience was very engaged throughout both acts. I was a bit hesitant to see the length of the musical in regards to my little one, but she was happily entertained the entire time. As I looked through the audience at intermission, all of the other younger patrons were also excited to see the remainder of the show. Everyone was even encouraged at the end to sing along with the entire cast.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang continues through December 20.


What: A Charlie Brown Christmas
About:  Tacoma Musical Playhouse puts on a live-action performance of the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Proceeds from this event go towards funding scholarships for Camp TMP Youth Honor Camp.
Where: Tacoma Musical Playhouse, 7116 Sixth Avenue
When: December 19 @ 11 am, December 20 @ 6 pm, December 21 @ 7 pm, December 22 @ 7 pm, December 23 @ 7 pm, December 24 @ 2 pm
Tickets: $10, available online or by calling (253) 565-6867
The Tacoma Arts Commission is proud to support Tacoma Musical Playhouse through the Arts Anchor Fund.


Tac Art Comm Retreat This review was written by Heather Conklin. Heather is an art teacher at Lincoln High School and has served on the Tacoma Arts Commission since January 2015.

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