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2015 Tacoma Studio Tour Preview: Part 7

30 Sep

This is part 7 in our series highlighting the artists participating in the Tacoma Studio Tour this October.

What: Tacoma Studio Tour
Where: 35 studio locations around Tacoma
When: October 17 & 18, 11 am – 5 pm
Cost: FREE!

This year’s tour features 57 artists and collaborative studios and allows the general public the opportunity to see the spaces in and tools with which local artists create their work, ask questions, and purchase one-of-a-kind creations. All studios will feature demonstrations of the artistic process or will have hands-on activities for visitors. Check out for the full list of artists, schedule, your Tacoma Studio Tour Passport, and an interactive map where you can plot your own custom tour course.

Here are this week’s highlights:

Chandler Woodfin, Feast Arts Center
Headinhand Family
Chandler Woodfin is a draftsman, painter and co-founder of Feast Arts Center – an inclusive place for people from all backgrounds and skill levels to take classes, make art, and be part of a community. She received her BFA in painting from Columbia College and completed a 2 year apprenticeship program at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. She has been teaching drawing and painting for 5 years at places such as Pratt Fine Arts Center, Gage Academy of Art, and Kirkland Art Center.

Mark Larson, Larson Fine Art
Larson_4 Larson_2 Larson_5
To what degree do each of us affect and impact nature? Are we active participants in the natural world, or merely bystanders? And if we are indeed active participants, can we be a constructive force and not just a destructive one? Timely questions like these are the driving force behind much of Mark Larson’s current body of imaginative realist work, which encompasses both large and small scale oil paintings and dry points.

Carolyn Burt, Creative Expressions by Carolyn Burt
BurtCarolyn_MayanWarrior_18x24 BurtCarolyn_TakingFlight_20x28 BurtCarolyn_PeacockElegance_20x24
Carolyn Burt is a member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Her award-winning work is on display at Proctor Art Gallery, LLC. Each piece is finely engraved on museum-quality scratchboard, using a variety of precision engraving tools, x-acto knives, and tattoo needles. These one-of-a-kind creations are reminiscent of the fine detail in scrimshaw art. While some are black and white, others are colored with ink or watercolor, allowing the exquisite detail to show through.

William Turner, Turner Designs
Turner_2large Turner_3 Turner_4large
Figurative Abstraction is a motif William Turner often returns to in the flow of his work. The paintings in his recent work referred back to a series of 12″ x 12″ oil studies he did ten years ago. With The Chanteuse Kiki he found his inspiration for his recent show at Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland. As with his Vincenzo Anastagi series, William took a character and created a visual fiction around her life.

Jenifer Davis, Jenifer Davis Pottery
autumnwedding2n3 photo backup 1298 fovea3
Tacoma-based potter Jenifer Davis’ passion is to create irreverently shaped functional sculptures and pots. Jenifer offers both custom works, which she throws by hand in her studio for private clients, and classes. The hand-thrown process leaves a good deal of the outcome to fate. She also loves the randomness of the transformation in the firing process. From adding glass to finding a new beautiful glaze combination, the best part is seeing what emerges after the kiln is opened.

Jennifer English, SPUN – Clay Arts Studio & Gallery
01_English 06_English 04_English
As a potter, Jennifer English explores the connections between heart, hands, and clay bodies. Jennifer produces works that pay special attention to the entire process of ceramics – from the throwing/sculpting to the leather hard, firings, and glazing stages. She enjoys hand building, intricate carving, and detailed glazing. In 2014, through Spaceworks Tacoma, Jennifer and April Sanders started their own professional clay art studio and gallery, SPUN.

Tacoma Studio Tour Passport – Visit and Win!

New this year! Make sure to have your Studio Tour Passport stamped at each studio location you visit. Once you’ve collected at least 8 stamps, send us the page and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of several fabulous prize packages containing artwork hand-crafted by a selection of artists on this tour including:

The Tacoma Studio Tour Passport can be found in the Tacoma Studio Tour brochure (available at all studio locations during the tour and at many cultural institutions ahead of time) or download and print your own Tacoma Studio Tour Passport.

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Tacoma Arts Month is sponsored by Click! Cable TV, The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Northwest Public Radio, KPLU, Weekly Volcano, Tacoma Weekly, South Sound magazine, and ARCADE.

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