It Takes A Village

7 May

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It Takes a Village is a photographic meditation and found object installation centering on a particular Value Village store once located on Hosmer Street in South Tacoma. Filmmaker, photographer, editor, and collage artist Isaac Olsen worked there in 2011 and 2012. During that time, he took pictures of the mayhem behind the friendly non-profit façade, wrote letters to management urging for the lowering of book prices, and collected over 4,500 discarded personal photographs and works of art, donated knowingly and unknowingly by the citizens of the City of Destiny. 

It Takes A Village showcases the best of these forgotten memories, ranging from the highest to the lowest of our culture. The exhibit mingles these pieces, with a display of Olsen’s original photographs, in a number of fashions for your viewing pleasure.

Village Online misc 5For a $5 cover charge, see the show on Saturday, May 16 and enjoy light snacks, special guests, and a ‘junk installation’ to fully round out the experience. Or swing by on Sunday, May 17 for a free viewing.

What: It Takes A Village: A found photography and art exhibition
 717 Tacoma Ave South, Suite C
 May 16 & May 17, 2 – 9 pm
$5 cover charge on May 16, Free on May 17

The Tacoma Arts Commission is proud to support this project through Tacoma Artists Initiative Program funding. Exhibit space generously provided by Spaceworks Tacoma.

Village Online poster 1

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