2014 Tacoma Studio Tour Preview: Part 1

13 Aug
Studio visitors try their hand at a sample project during the Tacoma Studio Tour.

A visitor tries her hand at a sample project during the Tacoma Studio Tour.

Today’s overcast weather is reminding us of fall and that gets our minds thinking about Tacoma Arts Month. What is Tacoma Arts Month? It’s the entire month of October chock-full of hundreds of arts and cultural activities for you to participate in including music, dance and theater performances; visual art exhibits; literary readings; lectures; workshops; film screenings and cultural events. Tacoma Arts Month is dedicated to showing off the very best about our community and we want you to be a part of it. Come see how the arts are at work in Tacoma!

One of the signature events that takes place in October is the Tacoma Studio Tour. This year’s tour features 61 artists and collaborative studios and allows the general public the opportunity to see the spaces in and tools with which local artists create their work, ask questions, and purchase one-of-a-kind creations. All studios will feature demonstrations of the artistic process or will have hands-on activities for visitors.

What: Tacoma Studio Tour
Where: 37 studio locations around Tacoma
When: October 11 & 12, 11 am – 5 pm
Cost: FREE!

Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you a series of weekly posts featuring sneak peek samples of art from each of the participating artists. Here are this week’s highlights:

Tacoma City Ballet
No Bones About It  Ghosts  1
Founded in 1955, Tacoma City Ballet School provides excellent comprehensive classical ballet instruction for dancers in the Puget Sound region. A Resident Arts Organization of the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, Tacoma City Ballet has presented an annual performance season since 1955 and is proud to preserve and perpetuate a legacy filled with a rich history that has touched thousands of lives with the beauty of a classical art.

Lucia Harrison
Lucia Harrison Work Sample 1  Lucia Harrison Work Sample 5  Lucia Harrison Work Sample 3
Lucia Harrison’s handmade paper, drawings, paintings, and artist books focus on appreciating the natural and human history of South Puget Sound. She hopes to inspire conservation of nature and an appreciation of the cultural history and contemporary conservation work of the peoples of South Puget Sound. Most recently she has been collaborating with Deborah Greenwood making paper from local plants.

Patty McPhee
Falling Leaf  MoonrisingpylpJPG  Neptunes Gift_
Asking Patty McPhee why she creates is like asking her why she breathes. She sees art in every aspect of existence. It is transcendent and embracing, like glue holding our world together, holding us together. Patty finds in stone sculpture a way for her to explore “the interdependent web of existence,” the invisible threads connect us and she wants to explore that in whatever way that she can.

Lynne Farren
Lynne Farren’s studio is filled with art – paintings, collage, assemblage, fiber, paper, and totem dolls. Art is everywhere and art is made with everything.

LeeAnn Seaburg-Perry, Sculpting In Stone
As You Wish 3  Diva 2  Buddha Of Pumpkin Hollow 1
Since LeeAnn Seaburg-Perry transformed a piece of rubble, pilfered from the Danby Marble quarry, into the amazing modern Buddha Of Pumpkin Hollow, tons of stone in various stages of metamorphosis have accompanied her in her travels, leaving a trail of stone dust from Massachusetts to Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland and finally home to Tacoma. Her work is the creative expression of her emotions in a moment of time, transformed into a permanence to be shared with generations to come.

Sharon Styer, Styer Arts Management
Styer_02_Fog at Thea's Park  Styer_03_Woman in the Fog, Wright Park  Styer_05_Self Portrait,Old Age Mascara
Sharon Styer is a street photographer. She speaks of getting a distinct awareness when she comes upon something she should photograph. She pays attention, turns around, and really looks at what’s before her. The scope of Styer’s work has changed through the years – from abandoned spaces and night shots of Tacoma; to burlesque, circus, and carnival folk worlds; to foggy landscapes; and most recently to a series of street portraits that include a short conversation about the subject’s life.


Tacoma Arts Month is sponsored by Click! Cable TV, The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Northwest Public Radio, KPLU, Weekly Volcano, Tacoma Weekly, Premier Media Group, and Exit133.

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