21 May
Sarah Gilbert in the Museum of Glass hot shop. Photo provided by artist.

Sarah Gilbert in the Museum of Glass hot shop. Photo provided by artist.

What do Rochester, NY and Tacoma, WA have in common? Sarah Gilbert has called both places home, and wants to show local citizens what she finds fascinatingly similar about these two gritty cities. It started out as an interest in historical figures that the cities have in common, but grew into a much more personal project. She is interviewing friends and family about their idea of ‘home’ to help develop her new series.

Gilbert is a glassblower and engraver, using her glass as a canvas to illustrate narratives about family in Rochester and friends from Tacoma. Her new series uses a process similar to creating cameos, where the surface is carved away to show contrasting colors below. What makes her work remarkable is not just the practical challenge of using this technique large scale, but also the narrative element. This series includes landscapes or ‘postcards’ from both cities, and portraits of over a dozen friends and family members.

Come and check out some remarkable new glass work, and at the same time get a glimpse into the personal word of a bi-coastal artist.

What: 3000 Miles from Home – an exhibit of cameo engraved blown glass pieces that explore the concept of ‘home’ using  historic and contemporary people and places from Rochester, NY, where Gilbert was born and raised, and Tacoma, WA, where she currently lives.
Where: Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound, N. 15th & N. Lawrence Street.
When: Exhibit will open around August 22, 2014
Cost: Free
Meet Sarah:

The Tacoma Arts Commission is proud to support Sarah Gilbert’s work through the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program.


Tacoma Arts Commission member Traci Kelly. Photo by Dane Gregory Meyer.

Traci Kelly moved to Tacoma in 2004 and joined the Tacoma Arts Commission shortly after. Her degree is in sculpture, but she appreciates the range of arts the City of Destiny has to offer.

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