KRUNK: Urban Fusion

17 Mar
KRUNK 9: Urban Fusion

Redd Williams addresses the audience and performers of KRUNK 9: Urban Fusion.

Hip-Hop reigned supreme in the DASH Center’s annual KRUNK dance showcase, which was held on Saturday, March 15 to a sold-out show at Theater on the Square in downtown Tacoma. The event attracted an amazing array of diverse dance troupes from Seattle, Portland, Renton, Bellevue and Spanaway, as well as several Tacoma groups who are members of the DASH Family.

About 100 dancers and 14 troupes participated in the festival including a special dose of “family” as the Dope DASH Dads (or D3) and the DASH Center Moms staged competing hip-hop performances designed to prove that kids don’t have the corner on cool (the Dads won the audience vote). I found the performances electric, energetic, intelligent, technically proficient (often superb), and suitably provocative.

The performance was followed by a series of four dance workshops on March 16, taught by professional hip-hop artists, including performers and choreographers. One of the workshop instructors, Redd Williams, spoke eloquently to the performers and audience after the show saying, “I’m from St. Louis and we don’t have anything like this there.” He admonished the performers that, “performance is different from dancing.”

Redd Williams also reminded the audience that next year marks the KRUNK festival’s 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, DASH is planning to audition an “All Star” crew comprised of top performers from all the participating dance troupes and feature their All-Star performance during the KRUNK show. You will want to stay tuned for March 2015!

The Tacoma Arts Commission is proud to have supported this event through Arts Projects funding.

For information about DASH: | (253) 507-9466 


JanBrazzellThis review was written by Tacoma Arts Commission member Jan Brazzell. Jan is principal counsel and CEO of Advancement Consulting. She has served on the Tacoma Arts Commission since 2008 and is passionate about the arts and how they help children and adults achieve their intellectual and human potential.

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