Lock-On Tacoma!

15 Nov

TheLocksPlease join Sound Transit and the City of Tacoma for the dedication of Diane Hansen’s new public art piece, Lock-On Tacoma.

Date: Thursday, November 21
Time: 5 pm
Location: ‘A’ Street Passageway between S. 25th Street and 26th Street in Tacoma’s Dome District
Cost: Free and open to the public

Lock-On Tacoma (referred to as The Locks) is a site-specific sculpture by artist Diane Hansen that surrounds the support column for the Sound Transit commuter rail tracks overhead at the ‘A’ Street pedestrian passageway. The Locks is intended as an inclusive communal gathering space in the Dome District. It invites people to bring and leave a lock dedicated to love: love of a special someone, place or memory.

The artwork is part of Sound Transit’s D-M Street rail improvements project, which is part of the Sounder commuter rail Lakewood Extension. Hansen is one of five artists creating public art for the project. Enlarged padlock and skeleton key sculptures, painted in auto enamel candy colors, encircle the top portion of the rail support. Hansen worked with youth from Hilltop Artists to cast glass ornaments for The Locks.

The columns are wrapped in metal mesh to create a screen where visitors can attach their own love locks. Bring a lock to decorate, and attach it with a wish, to the interactive artwork.
About the Artist
Diane Hansen is a Tacoma sculptor and glass artist who works in many mediums and scales. Diane participated in the Public Art: In Depth training program with the City of Tacoma’s Arts Program.

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