Season’s Greetings from Tacoma Arts!

25 Dec
"Sun Elephant" by Sean Alexander. Photo courtesy of the artist.

“Sun Elephant” by Sean Alexander. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Oh man, we love unexpected presents, the kind that weren’t on our list but somehow turned out to be exactly right. Such is Sun Elephant, an ink on paper by artist Sean Alexander. Tacoma Arts invited Alexander to create an artwork for the holidays, and he submitted this amazing drawing of a pachyderm packing the sun within her powerful contours. Blue-eyed, be-tusked and lit from inside with gold, the Sun Elephant seems to move imaginatively forward despite all the sadness and insanity this world can sling.

Alexander is a well-known Tacoma artist, co-founder of the now-defunct Helm Gallery, as well as the alive-and-kickin’ Squeak and Squawk indie music festival. We asked him about his plans for the coming week.

Artist Sean Alexander.

Artist Sean Alexander.

Tacoma Arts: What are you doing for the holidays?
Sean Alexander: Hanging out with “Buds”.
TA: Are you cooking?
SA: I hope not. I’m an awful cook.
TA: What are you looking forward to in the New Year?
SA: The upcoming Seahawks playoffs game(s).
TA: Anything you might be avoiding?
SA: Gluten. Guns in general.
TA: How does your art work relate to the imminent year?
SA: It’s big and yellow.
TA: Thoughts about the Mayan apocalypse being a no show?
SA: No.
TA: Any projects we should know about?
SA: The Marcy Projects [the Marcy Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY].

Stay tuned for more art, music and commentary from Sean Alexander…Shake it down, Tacoma!

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