Tacoma Studio Tour Preview: Part 8

31 Oct

Still looking for something to do this weekend? How about the Tacoma Studio Tours! This year’s tour features 55 artists and collaborative studios and allows the general public the opportunity to see the spaces in and tools with which local artists create their work. You can ask questions and purchase one-of-a-kind creations. And every studio will feature demonstrations of the artistic process or will have hands-on activities for visitors. Check out ArtAtWorkTacoma.com  for the full list of artists, schedule, and an interactive map where you can plot your custom tour course.

What: Tacoma Studio Tour
Where: 37 studio locations around Tacoma – map your course here
When: November 3 & 4, 11 am – 5 pm
Cost: FREE!

Here is this week’s artist sneak peeks:

Lance Roberts
Manitou Art Center is a group studio where Roberts works and teaches. His work is hand-thrown and hand-painted and uses porcelain through high and reduction based firing. His work has an Asian feel of simplicity and grace with a western twist.

Chandler O’Leary
Chandler O’Leary is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and is the proprietor of Anagram Press, allowing her to make a living by drawing pictures and lettering by hand. She is one half of the collaborative team behind the “Dead Feminists” letterpress poster series, and the playing card designer of the Tacoma Card Deck created by Tacoma Makes. Visit Chandler’s studio to print a small keepsake on an antique Kelsey platen press.

Toni Snyder

Toni is primarily self-taught and only began her artistic journey 10 years ago. She renders primarily oil paint landscapes. She also enjoys drawing in the classical style using charcoal pencils. Sharing her love of painting and drawing with others allows her to share a part of who she is and how she sees the world around her.

Mark Sigafoos – Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
Tacoma Glassblowing Studio was established in 2006 by husband and wife team Mark and Jeannine Sigafoos. This state of the art glassblowing studio and glass gallery offers visitors a close view of how hand-blown glass is made and gives guests the opportunity to try it for themselves. This facility also offers classes, group events, corporate gifts, and features very talented local glass artists in their gallery.

Sharon Styer

Sharon’s love of warehouses, abandoned buildings, and alleyways is evident in her urban photography which plays heavily with lights and shadows. There is a quickness to her work, like a moment caught out of the corner of your eye before it is gone. Visit Sharon’s studio and try out her digital “darkroom”. Sharon will have a selection of unedited photos for you to try your hand at manipulating; make yours as creative, funky, or sophisticated as you want. Finished piece will be emailed to you.

Susan Thompson

Susan Thompson is drawn to traditional and functional shapes as well as the idea that pottery is used in the rituals of daily living. It is her hope that pieces she makes will be passed around the table, or be used in some way with enough frequency that they become part of life and, with time, become artifacts that hold echoes of the past. During the tour, visitors can make a slab tray for a small fee (includes glazing and firing.)

Lorraine Toler

Lorraine Toler is a Korean-American and was born and raised in Tacoma. Her paintings are story boards and recount personal, familial, and historical stories through her various series. Lorraine paints with her fellow artists in the JET Tools building.

William Turner

William Turner’s recent works are his elaborations on the work of two Master Painters, El Greco and Velazquez, merging his abstract style with classic themes. He focuses on the great Velazquez painting “Las Meninas” and El Greco’s “Vincenzo Anastagi”.  Working from scant facts about these two artworks, Turner is creating a visual fiction filling in the imagined events of his life.

Karin Williams

Karin’s “Bones” series has developed out of the encouragement of several local physicians. These paintings create visually pleasing compositions using unusual subject matter. Abstractions of bones and joints are made with an interesting color palette and “tongue-in-cheek” titles.

Karen Utter

Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Karen has always lived in the Pacific Northwest. The stunning natural beauty of the area is a profound influence on her work. With a preference for pastels, Karen works in a colorful, expressionistic style. Her subject matter is landscape, and is often populated with a variety of Northern Wildlife, including wolves, foxes, deer, bears and birds. Her most recent pastel series focused on topiary in a mid-century modern setting.

Tacoma Community College

Tour TCC’s metal casting, ceramics, and printmaking studios. See the latest student artwork and try your hand at making your own creation. Join TCC instructor Kyle Dillehay to cast and take home your own iron scratch block tile ($10). Interested in ceramics? Join Rick Mahaffey in decorating and raku firing pottery ($10). TCC is a community college facility providing a diverse selection of art classes for the community of Tacoma.

Betty Sapp Ragan

Betty Sapp Ragan has exhibited in regional, national, and international exhibitions. She completed her MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and moved to Tacoma to teach at the University of Puget Sound. She is interested in architecture as it relates to the land and the culture. Betty is fascinated with the questions of why we build what we do, and why we place these buildings in their specific locations.

Steve Lawler

The furniture Steve designs and builds incorporates two passions: The first being the creative process itself; the second is the thoughtful and respectful use of our planet’s resources. Creatively, he strives to apply equal weight to form and function. Using recycled and repurposed materials is both a push and a pull, it forces him to find a unique expression for these sometimes odd and limiting pieces of raw material. It is at the same time challenging and incredibly stimulating.

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Art at Work Month is sponsored by Click! Cable TV, The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Washington State Arts Commission, Weekly Volcano, and Premier Media Group.

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