Support Spaceworks @ CAKEWALK Saturday!!! Free admission!

11 Sep

Up for grabs: “Prop Cake,” from the “Dead Feminist Series” by Jessica Spring and Chandler O’Leary. Value: $600.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Spaceworks Tacoma program is kicking butt, garnering praise from Businessweek online to KING-5 news for its successful strategy of activating downtown retail dead zones with temporary art installations and creative entrepreneurial startups. Man, we want to keep this program alive and we’re getting antsy for Cakewalk, the big Spaceworks fundraiser this weekend! Our walls are looking pretty naked (okay, okay, so we made room after seeing the art up for grabs). See, partygoers will have the opportunity to buy a ticket to participate in either an ‘artwalk’ or a ‘cakewalk’ ($20 for artwork, $5 for cake), and take home a fabulous piece for dirt cheap – all while supporting a good cause.

A battalion of local bakers, and our awesome, industrious art community, are rolling up their sleeves to provide top-flight artworks (many worth $$$) and edible art for this event. Just in – local glass genius Diane Hansen is creating Take the Cake, an incredible, stately, blown glass cakestand that will showcase a luscious, bring-you-to-your-knees cake by Corina Bakery – you’ll need an art ticket and a cake ticket for a chance at this one, valued at $2,000! Live DJs Mr Melanin and DJ Broam will keep your feet moving at the Cakewalk, there will be a video installation by Kris Crews, and a dance performance by the BareFoot Collective.

In case you were born in the era when blipping video games had already supplanted retro participatory ones like the cakewalk, here’s how it works: Music plays, patrons walk, music stops, and a number is called. The person standing on the lucky number gets to pick the cake or artwork he or she has won. We walk till all the prizes are won. Tickets will be for sale at the event starting at 6pm – walks start at 6:30pm. You can see some of the artworks that will be available here (simply scroll down the homepage).

“Cakewalk is so fun!  You can win amazing artwork and fantastic cake for a really small investment,” said Amy  McBride, Tacoma Arts Administrator. “It is the perfect way to support this innovative program.” This is an all-ages event – refreshments provided, drinks available (21+). Tickets to win artwork or cakes ($20/$5). ADMISSION IS FREE! More info at

Walk the walk for “Floating Estate Island” by Gabriel Brown.

Compete for artwork created by these talented artists:
Sean Alexander
Julia Barbee
Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
Gabriel Brown
Kyle Dillehay
Oliver Doriss
Nate Dybevik
Laura Foster
Jeremy Gregory
Diane Hansen
Rachel Hibbard
Brian Hutcheson
Lance Kagey

We’d walk a mile for “Suf Mask” by Sean Alexander, valued at $400.

Michael Kaniecki
Lisa Kinoshita
Anette Lusher
Janet Marcavage
Amy McBride
Meghan Mitchell
Chandler O’Leary
Elise Richman
Cheryl Rux
Chris Sharp
Jessica Spring
Michiko Tanaka
Susan Thompson
The Warehouse

And more….!

Cakewalk is made possible thanks to generous donations from the following businesses: Dulce Cupcakes, Angel Cakes, Hello Cupcake, Corina Bakery, Jonz Catering, Celebrity Cake Studios, P.H.D’licious, Metropolitan Market, and Amocat Cafe.

Cakewalk is co-hosted by ELECTRICBRANCH Creative, a Spaceworks project by JD Elquist and Travis Pranger.


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