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Murals Project Update: Hope Heights Mural is Complete

6 Sep

What do a tree of life, matryoshka nesting dolls, piñata, koi fish, Chinese dragon, drums, sugar skull, and rabbits all have to do with each other? They are all components to a delightful new mural for Tacoma’s Hope Heights neighborhood.

Located at 6323 McKinley Avenue (southeast corner of 64th and McKinley), the mural is a new welcoming portal into this eastside neighborhood. It visually plays with themes of diversity, hope, unity, aspirations and transformation and is such a cornucopia of eye candy, you’ll keep finding new things each time you pass by. Gathered around the central tree of life are silhouettes of neighbors helping each other out, based on stories told by members of the community about what “Hope” means to them.

A fabulously flexible and dedicated artist team made up of lead artist Joni Joachims and artists Yvette Simone, Chelsea O’Sullivan, Kate Cendejas, Brian Hutcheson, and Janice Lee Warren really came through on this mural.

Here’s a photo of the completed mural. But, with all the details going on, you really need to go see it in person.

The Hope Heights mural in all its glorious color. Photo by Joni Joachims.

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