Murals Project Update: The Dome District Mural

24 Jun

By Hannah Franke, Tacoma Arts Commission Intern

In May we brought you news about five sites that were selected to receive murals this summer as part of the Tacoma Murals Project. A lot has happened since then and the groundwork for these artworks is starting to take shape, including on the mural for the Dome District at 220 Puyallup Avenue.

Chris Sharp, the lead artist on this project, and the artist team of Kate Cendejas, Yvette Simone, David Long  Brian Hutcheson, have been working to gather input and ideas from the community and property owner. They are now getting ready to meet with the community on Friday to present some initial ideas for a mural that artistically represents the area’s commercial and residential tenants.

220 Puyallup Avenue as a blank canvas

Initial mural concept by Chris Sharp

Sharp states, “This design feels like it reflects the transit oriented, congregation, or procession of people that come in through the district daily for different events.  It evokes the Dome without making any reference to it.”

Q & A with Chris Sharp:
What was your first response to the space you were given?

I was really pleased with the surface, location and scale of the site.

What does the community wish to portray in the mural?
Words that the community used to describe the area were: industrial, links, water, gateway, community, gritty, fun, opportunity, passionate, emotional, with growth. Also, there was some mention of the mural NOT visually representing Mt. Rainier or trains.

How do you plan to incorporate community values and stories into the mural?
With questions and answers from community members as well as by showing the design in a public forum. Hopefully, the design should evoke and inspire the words mentioned above.

When do you plan to complete the mural?
Mid to late July, hopefully sooner.

You can follow the progress of this mural at Chris Sharp’s blog:

One Response to “Murals Project Update: The Dome District Mural”

  1. kjmiller June 24, 2012 at 1:45 pm #

    think the projected idea looks terrific, kjm

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