Tim Walsh: Puget Sound Poetry Connection’s Distinguished Poet

31 May

On the second Friday of every month, Puget Sound Poetry Connection hosts the Distinguished Writers Series at King’s Bookstore, at which a poet of note reads his or her work. An open mic follows – you can come to listen or contribute. On Friday, June 8th, Timothy Walsh takes on the title of Distinguished Poet.

Timothy Walsh

Timothy Walsh’s poems and short stories are known widely, and his inspiration often derives from walks or outdoor excursions near the water.  Timothy grew up in New Jersey, however for the past twenty-five years he has lived in Wisconsin.  He enjoys the outdoors and participates in activities such as kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and gardening.  Timothy is an adventurous man, as you can see, who also lends his enthusiasm for life within the words he writes.  Take a look at this bio (courtesy of King’s Bookstore) to learn more about his accomplishments!

His awards include the Grand Prize in the Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition and the Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize from North American Review. He is the author of a book of literary criticism, The Dark Matter of Words: Absence, Unknowing, and Emptiness in Literature (Southern Illinois University Press) and two poetry collections, Wild Apples (Parallel Press) and Blue Lace Colander (Marsh River Editions). He is an Assistant Dean at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here’s a sampling of one of Walsh’s pieces:

The Only Muntin Poem in the World

 Yes, I’m pretty sure there are not others.

Perhaps in bygone times a carpernter

or master builder tried his hand at one,

but I don’t think so.

The Truth is no one knows what a mutin is

or what to call it when we point at one.

They are, in their way, so perfect–

that wooden framework that partitions off

the smaller panes of glass

in so many of our windows, old and new.

A muntin.  That cross-hatch, that hopscotch shape,

that waffle-looking girid we look at,

or look past, but never see.

There is a moral in this somewhere.

I could ask you to cogitate upon

the muntin-like nature of all human understanding–

how we partition off the vast, undifferentiated flux

in order to grasp it–

categorizig, sorting, labeling–

how language segments and pigeonholes

to gain a toehold on immensity.

Strange, is’t it, how the mind overlays muntins

on everything we see, allowing us to think,

starting up that ever-idling engine of rationality?

Is the mind, in fact, nothing but a vast muntin-work?

Millions of overlapping muntin grids, three


muntins within muntins within muntins?

And yet there are still no sonnets on muntins,

no odes, sestina, pantoums, or villanelles…

The next time you look out the window,

please notice the muntin and as why

we must have four season, twelve months,

twenty-four hours…

and why we must have muntins in our windows.


Who: Puget Sound Poetry Connection
What: Distinguished Writers Series featuring Timothy Walsh
When: Friday, June 8th, 7 pm
Where: King’s Bookstore, 218 St. Helens Ave, Tacoma
Info: Admission is FREE! Sign up for open mic at 6:30 pm.

The Tacoma Arts Commission is proud to help support this event through Arts Projects funding.

For more information on the happenings at the Puget Sound Poetry Connection visit: http://www.pugetsoundpoetryconnection.org/Pages/default.aspx

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