Telephone Room to Sponsor Free Night at TAM 5/24!

20 May

Enjoy a free night at TAM on The Telephone Room.

As co-curators of The Telephone Room, Heide Fernandez-Llamazares and Ellen Ito operate Tacoma’s tiniest gallery, but these women think big. The Telephone Room is pleased to be sponsoring an evening of free entry to Tacoma Art Museum and the HIDE/SEEK exhibition, as well as a feature performance by The Bran Flakes, on Thursday, May 24 from 5-8 pm.

Since 2009, Ito and Fernandez-Llamazares have been curating exhibitions that pack in more terrific art per square inch than any other local venue (okay, The Tollbooth on Broadway may be more compact but it’s not a walk-in venue). Which goes to show, size doesn’t matter. The “telephone room” in question is located in Fernandez-Llamazares’ vintage home in the 6th Ave. business district; the walk-in closet-size space is a throwback to the days when people sought a little privacy for their phone conversations. Past exhibits have featured Buddy Bunting, Jeremy Mangan, Marc Dombrosky, Shannon Eakins, and other rising local and regional artists. You can find out more about The Telephone Room on their website and Facebook page.

In addition to sponsoring a free night at the museum on May 24, the gallery has designed a special program for Tacoma Art Museum, the “I AM” portrait project. People are being asked to think about identity, as inspired by HIDE/SEEK, and to write one word that defines themselves on a piece of paper and have their photo taken. The resulting portraits are being posted on Facebook  and Flickr. The “I AM” project is active every Thursday evening from 5-8 pm in TAM’s main-entry level.

Click here to find out more about Tacoma Art Museum and HIDE/SEEK. Check out The Bran Flakes here and on YouTube.


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