Downtown Block Party 2012 Volunteer Craft Party 4-8pm

19 May

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…Perfect for the first Downtown Tacoma Block Party 2012 Volunteer Craft Party organized by Local Life and Downtown Tacoma Neighbors!

As anyone who has attended previous Downtown Tacoma Block Parties (DBP) knows, it’s an event that can only happen with the involvement of many people. Everyone likes to volunteer in their own way, and there will be opportunities for you to get involved in this year’s Block Party!

The first Craft Party is today, May 19, 4-8 pm at 1120 Court “E” Tacoma, right downtown. For this party crafters will be putting something together named, “Boxton” – which is a little village made of big boxes. At the DBP, people will be able to paint and craft on/around it to make the little urban village come alive. Then they will get the structure together (we all get to lay out the streetscape!) and prep it for painting at the DBP.

Come get in the creative block party spirit! It’s going to be a great time. It’s a fun way to participate in downtown life and get to know your neighbors! Get more info here.


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