Richard Heller Book Talk at King’s Books

1 May

Join author Richard Heller as he reads from his new novel, Blueprints, on May 3, 7 pm, at King’s Books. Blueprints tells the unusual story of Alan, a protagonist on a wending journey to rebuild himself and his world with the help of horses and a wild array of characters, both American and Scottish. As a real-life farrier and a blacksmith for more than three decades, and a horseback riding instructor for troubled kids, Heller brings firsthand experience to the novel.

Blueprints offers, chapter by chapter, an unforgettable search for self that’s painful, humorous, loving and astonishing at every turn. Every story told is rich with human detail, wonderful surprise. Using the theme of remodeling a home, Richard Heller’s “Alan” gradually rebuilds himself and his world. We, as readers, are privileged to witness a life revealed with Heller’s authenticity and depth.” ~ Holly Prado Northup

Author Richard Heller.

Richard Heller is a writer whose pen has produced poetry to technical writing for the horse industry. He is also a sculptor (his bronze works are currently on view at the American Art Company in Tacoma). King’s Books, 218 St Helens Ave. in Tacoma, 253.272.8801 (phone), 253.272.2022 (fax). Open daily 11 am – 7 pm.


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