Stretch Your Financial Gift – Give BIG on May 2

30 Apr

In just two days, many local arts organizations will be participating in The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event. GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations who make our region a healthier, more vital place to live. This is an especially crucial time to support your favorite arts non-profits in Tacoma and the region.

On May 2, 2012, pick your favorite nonprofit, rally your friends, and give online. Your gift will grow bigger, thanks to matching funds from generous GiveBIG sponsors!

GROW YOUR GIFT. Each donation made through The Seattle Foundation’s website to any of the 1,300 profiled nonprofit organizations between midnight and midnight (Pacific Time) on May 2, 2012 will receive a pro-rated portion of the matching funds (or “stretch”) pool. The amount of the “stretch” depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. For example, if a nonprofit organization receives 3 percent of the total donations during GiveBIG, then it will receive 3 percent of the stretch pool.

WIN A GOLDEN TICKET. Throughout GiveBIG, donors will be chosen at random to have an additional $1,000 given to the charity that received their donation. The selected donor will also be eligible to win a Starbucks gift card worth $100!



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