Volunteer Leadership Positions Available at TAP

2 Mar

Tacoma Art Place (TAP), a non-profit art center in the heart of the revitalized MLK neighborhood, currently has two volunteer leadership positions available where your organizational expertise can make a difference! TAP’s mission is to provide access to equipment and training that will allow more people to affordably explore their creativity and artistic ability. Their special emphasis is to reach underserved individuals with free or reduced-cost memberships and to offer arts education in the community. Currently, board positions are also open at TAP; please inquire. This growing facility is offering new classes and community activities all the time – you can get to know them at 1116 South 11th Street. Volunteer positions are as follows:

Shift Coordinator
• Recruit and train shift volunteers to staff Tacoma Art Place during operational hours.
• Monitor sign-ups via e-mail and Constant Contact online, and respond to applicants interested in volunteering.
• Ensure employee information is entered into Constant Contact (shift volunteer list)
• Coordinate volunteer work schedules and enter into online calendar.
• Keep volunteers abreast of activities and new shift duties.
• Report to TAP Board Liaison monthly on volunteer activity (number of active volunteers each month, any concerns etc.)
• If interested, please send an inquiry to volunteer@TacomaArtPlace.org.

Instructor Coordinator
• Schedule instructors for Tacoma Art Place.
• Monitor volunteer sign-ups via Constant Contact online and the Instruct@TacomaArtPlace.org e-mail, and respond to applicants interested in teaching.
• Seek out instructors for specific classes as supplies and equipment become available.
• Schedule classes in keeping with TAP’s mission to assist all members of the community in being able to attend.
• Update the marketing/PR committee on any scheduling changes prior to their bi-monthly class announcement.
• Coordinate instructor payment information for TAP bookkeeper.

You can check out upcoming events and classes at TAP at www.TacomaArtPlace.org!


2 Responses to “Volunteer Leadership Positions Available at TAP”

  1. Julian Peña March 2, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    Hello I’ve spoken with you guys before. People have been asking me when am I gonna do a workshop at TAP and I just never got around to it. I work full-time and school full time with extra stuff on the side. Is there still availability to be an instructor there?

    • Tacoma Arts March 2, 2012 at 11:21 am #

      Hey Julian,
      According to the TAP website, “Yes, you can earn an income teaching art at Tacoma Art Place—just keep the class affordable. Instructors at Tacoma Art Place are independent contractors and/or volunteers. You can teach once a month or once a year. It is up to you.” You can contact TAP directly at Instruct@TacomaArtPlace.org or http://tacomaartplace.org/. Good luck!

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