Tilt: Balancing History and Modernity

26 Aug

Even if you haven’t been to the newly renovated Cheney Stadium yet, you’ve probably seen pictures of it or driven by on 16, right? And that means you’ve seen Tilt, the large-scale light sculpture by Beliz Brother.

Historic stadium lights provided the inspiration for Tilt. Image: Beliz Brother

Inspired by the old Seals Stadium lights that graced the original Cheney Stadium, Tilt brings historic elements to the new renovated stadium in a distinctly modern way. The LED light system installed within the structure is programmed to change with the seasons and in response to the progress of each game. 24 ColorBurst-6 lights with both spotlighting and washing capabilities are set up in rows to create abstract forms of light and color that change according to the current game in progress.

Beliz Brother’s hope was to preserve one of the most recognizable features of the park for future generations to enjoy. Like Home Run, this large project was also installed in the short space of five months, and was in place in time for this season’s opening game in April. Far from simple, the project not only involved the spotlights, but also reflectors to create the desired effects, and brackets to be installed strategically at the front of the stadium in order to fully support the entire piece.

A great side view of Tilt at night. Image: Beliz Brother

To get a closer look at the lights, learn how they work, and hear more from Beliz herself, come join us for Arts Appreciation Night on Monday the 29th! We’ll have the public art tour at 5:30, a project for kids from the Museum of Glass, and pre-game and in-game entertainment by local youth groups! Remember to order your tickets TODAY – the special $9.95 price won’t be available at the door! Call Graham Stream at the Rainiers at 253.752.7707 ext. 184. We’ll see you on Monday!

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