Tacoma Murals Update: Done!

8 Aug

That’s right! Both murals are done – at the 43rd St. bridge, and at the playground at Bergerson Terrace. Our muralists took advantage of the fantastic weather we’ve been having for the past few days and really came through with two beautiful, vibrant murals.

The long 43rd Street bridge barrier was completed first. Image: Kelda Martensen

Overall, the muralists had a great experience. The teaching artists had a hard-working group of students this year who really committed to getting both training murals done quickly – despite the on-again, off-again Tacoma weather.

The Bergerson Terrace mural starts getting detail. Image: Jeremy Gregory

Take advantage of this beautiful sunshine, and go check out the murals for yourself! The bridge is near the intersection of E. 43rd Street and E. C Street, and Bergerson Terrace is located at 5305 S. Orchard Street – go to the playground by their community center. You can even click here for a handy Google Maps showing you directions from one to the other. Or, to do a comprehensive tour of all the murals that have been completed since last year, click here for our super nifty interactive map.

It looks like the muralists had a lot of fun painting at the two sites. For more pictures, 

A nice look at the length of the barrier at 43rd Street. Image: Kelda Martensen

A close-up look at some of the details. Image: Kelda Martensen

Another look at some nice touches. Image: Kelda Martensen

And since we’ve barely seen any pictures from Bergerson Terrace, here are some images of their progress!

A view of the wall, very near completion. Image: Jeremy Gregory

A close-up of the multi-talented unicyclist by the stairs. Image: Jeremy Gregory

The last details - just a few more strokes to go... Image: Jeremy Gregory


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