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Mural Update: Almost There!

27 Jul

Our team of fifteen muralists have worked quickly on the 43rd Street bridge mural! It seems like the design is really coming along and with this past weekend’s nice weather, a lot of progress was made.

A shot of last week's progress on the bridge. Image: Kelda Martensen

Wondering how the leaf design you saw in last week’s Mural update came to be? Well, after the class of mural students visited the site, they discussed various plans, including the concept of the inverting wave in the background. One of the students used the surrounding foliage and seeds as a design element, and soon a fully-realized concept was developed! It was presented to the McKinley neighborhood group and the rest is, well, history.

The muralists get some help from the kids over the weekend at Bergerson Terrace. Image: Jeremy Gregory

Meanwhile, painting on the Bergerson Terrace wall has begun! The wall is located next to the play area outside of Bergerson Terrace’s community center, at 5301 S. Orchard Street. The wall will soon be covered in a design that was developed with community groups nearby, like Tacoma Housing Authority. Keeping kids in mind, the design is bright and whimsical, and includes images inspired by the children who play at the Bergerson playground and community center.

Our muralists will be splitting their time between the 43rd Street site and Bergerson Terrace for the next few painting days, until the 43rd Street mural is finished. Then, they will concentrate their efforts on Bergerson Terrace. Before we know it, both of the training murals will be completed! If you want to catch any of the action, be sure to stop by either site this coming weekend to see the finishing touches.

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