Tacoma Murals Project 2011

8 Jul

The Tacoma Murals Project, part of the City ofTacoma’s Safe, Clean & Attractive initiative, gives artists who already possess strong artistic skills the chance to adapt those skills to designing and implementing high-quality murals that connect with the community. If you have sharp eyes, you’ve seen the results of last year’s program – five murals popped up by the end of the summer in various locations around Tacoma.

This summer, the Tacoma Murals Project is well underway. 15 artists (Liza Brown, Kate Cendejas, Kevin Coats, Kenji Fullmer, Brian Hutcheson, David Long, Mary McFarland, Laura Ospital, Chelsea O’Sullivan, Natalie Oswald, Jessica Lee Piller, Yvette Simone, Christopher Tirri, Shannon Wallace, and Janice Lee Warren) have already completed five day-long classroom training sessions with five lead teaching artists (Rachael Dotson, Jeremy Gregory, Joni Joachims, Kelda Martensen, and Chris Sharp). These training sessions covered many subjects the budding muralists need to know, such as surface preparation, design enlargement techniques, community input, legalities, and more.

The student artists and lead artists are now moving on to put this new knowledge in action by implementing two training murals. One mural is planned for the barriers of the bridge near the intersection of E. 43rd Street and E. C Street, and the other mural is planned for a playground wall at Bergerson Terrace, at 5305 S. Orchard Street. The artists are currently working with the community groups to develop mural designs that will hopefully fight vandalism and brighten the neighborhoods.

These training murals should be going up in the next few weeks – so stay tuned for more updates!


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